The Michigan College and University Partnership (MICUP) Program

8434729063_2a1c042f19We participate in MICUP program to provide research opportunities for students from minoritygroups in community colleges. We provide research tutoring and help students to construct their researching, experimenting, and communicating skills. Our MICUP students have achieved success to the next step of their career after their experience here for the summer. [Read more about MICUP program]

07-25-2014 MTU 1339

Ana presented at MICUP research EXPO 2014


Pursu presented at MICUP research EXPO 2014

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Facundo presented at MICUP research EXPO 2015


Vanessa presented at MICUP research EXPO 2016

Previous Students from MICUP program:

SyQuan Tran, Summer 2013.

Pursu Neopaney, Summer 2014.

Anaflavia Almendras-Reyes, Summer 2014.

Facundo Santome, Summer 2015

Vanessa Hollingsworth, Summer 2016

Darryl W. Bryant, Summer 2017

Alannah Elliott, Summer 2018

Lexie Wansten, Summer 2019

Pre-College Explorations-Women in Engineering

We offer opportunities for local female high school students to explore the field of research. The purpose of the program is to inspire female students to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) studies. Participating students will be paired with experienced senior lab members to develop lab skills, critical thinking, and communication skills.


Participating student Ai Hui Yap with her mentor Qi Xing.